Lighting Floor Lamp Optunia


Claesson Koivisto Rune , 2017

Optunia is a series of lighting elements that comes in four variants for tabletop (with or without stem) and floor. Its functionality lies in the possibility of rotating the two discs that make up the nearly 360-degree head, opening up an extraordinary number of lighting combinations. The lower disc rotates on one axis, while the upper disk simultaneously rotates on a second axis, perpendicular to the first. This double movement gives Optunia to the advantages of both direct and indirect light emission. Complementing its functionality is a design reminiscent of a form found in nature: the two disks resemble the pads of the prickly pear, Opuntia ficus indica, from which the lamp takes its name. A series of exceptional technical sophistication, whose form is further emphasized by its colors: dark mirrored chrome, which recalls the preciousness of metal; a darker shade resembling onyx; and quartz, whose color shifts from dark brown to black.

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Spec Sheet Optunia
Model Name
Glass, metal
  • black chrome black chrome
  • dark brown dark brown
Lighting source
LED 2x11W (3000K, CRI>90, 2x1384Lm)