Lighting Suspension Lamp Equatore


Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, 2017

Equatore is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic lamp with a glass shade. While the traditional abat-jour uses the shade to contain the light source within, in this family of lamps the shade is paradoxically and suggestively empty, with the light being generated by two luminous discs placed inside a central metal band, visible on the shade, that evokes the line of the equator. The light produced by the LEDs, thanks to internal screens arranged in layers, is distributed regularly across the surface of the discs, magically illuminating them. The lower disk directs the light output downward, the upper one illuminates the glass cap for a soft, diffused light. Available in two colors: a cooler version in gray with a dark chrome frame, and a warmer version with a transparent pink cap and a copper-colored frame.

Equatore now takes on new oversize dimensions in the hanging version, with a diameter of 48 cm, joining the previous models of 24 and 36. The space it serves goes from domestic to public, from the living room to the grand lounge. New solutions, but with the same open and inclusive light.

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Spec Sheet Equatore
Model Name
9.4"x17.3" + 98.4"
ø 14” × 25.2” + 98.4”
  • black chrome black chrome
  • copper/pink copper/pink
  • black chrome black chrome
  • copper/pink copper/pink
Lighting source
25W Led ( 2700K, CRI>90, Lumen 1770 )
40W Led ( 2700K, CRI>90, Lumen 2790 )