Lighting Table Lamp Fontana (Led)

Fontana (Led)

Max Ingrand, 1954


An exquisite object, almost entirely in white blown glass, composed of a round element that tapers slightly upward, surmounted by a truncated cone: the classic form of the abat-jour lamp that defined an era in lighting. The peculiarity of Fontana is its multiple light sources: both the base and the lampshade contain one or more. The larger version also allows indirect lighting, thanks to an additional source that projects a beam of indirect light upwards. The differentiated light sources make it possible to satisfy different lighting needs: from a soft, relaxing glow to a sharp beam for reading to suggestive ambient light. The soft and perfectly proportioned forms, the purity of the design and the milky opalescent finish combine to make it a timeless piece, perfect in every setting, whether turned on or off. Now available with Led light sources.

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Spec Sheet Fontana (Led)
Model Name
Fontana (Led)
Fontana (Led)
Fontana (Led)
ø 7.8” × 13.3”
ø 12.5” × 20.8”
ø 18.5” × 30.7”
Lighting source
6,5W + 4W LED ( 2700 K, CRI>80, 1300 Lm)
9W + 5,5W LED ( 2700 K, CRI>80, 1800 Lm)
9W + 4x4W + 5,5W LED ( 2700 K, CRI>80, 3600 Lm)