FontanaArte and C.P. Company celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Fontana lamp

FontanaArte and C.P. Company celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Fontana lamp Enlarge

To coincide with Design Week from 8 to 13 April, C.P. Company, the brand founded in 1973 thanks to the creative imagination of Massimo Osti and since 2010 owned by FGF Industry, will be hosting in its store in Via Manzoni 16/A in Milan, the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Fontana lamp by Max Ingrand, an icon and symbol of design Made in Italy.

FontanaArte and C.P. Company, both companies having made experimentation and brand awareness their strong points, will be presenting two absolutely new ideas.

FontanaArte this year celebrates the 60th anniversary of the table lamp par excellence, an icon and style symbol: Fontana – also known by the name 1853 – designed in 1954 by Max Ingrand, the famous master glassmaker, French decorator and its artistic director.

For this special occasion, FontanaArte has produced an unprecedented Total Black version of the Fontana lamp, all in blown glass.
The company celebrates this event with the fashion brand C.P. Company. “A choice of contemporaneity and experimentation”, says Lauro Buoro, Chairman of the Nice group to which FontanaArte belongs, “shared between two ‘laboratories’ that focus on creativity for the production of excellence with passion and personality.”

Quality, craftsmanship and the creative drive of a company that has always looked to the future, paying particular attention to technology linked to modernity.

For the first time C.P. Company comes to the Design Week and enhances its anti-conformist approach by using the nylon fabric ULM (Ultralight Membrane) and garment-dyed cotton which is the result of continual experimentation and research into new materials, to create a jacket that celebrates the Fontana lamp by Max Ingrand not just as a design article but as a true work of art.

Enzo Fusco and the brand’s two designers, Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, have decided to mould their Goggle Jacket in a fabric that recreates the sheerness and effect of glass, the material used for the Fontana lamp, which interacts with light.

”It was really interesting to take part in this project celebrating the design symbol of the Fontana lamp,” says Enzo Fusco. “For the occasion our Goggle Jacket, the C.P. Company icon, goes ‘double’. By merging two jackets we have created a single garment that celebrates both lamps”. A white version and a black one that, like the Fontana lamp, come together to mark this prestigious anniversary, for which the Fontana Total Black is presented for the first time.

The black&white concept featured at the event on 9 April from 7 to 10pm, will preview these two absolute new entries on show the all week. It will also be the leitmotiv for a travelling project that takes this creative encounter between the two brands to cities of international style and elegance, maintaining the  history and character that have made C.P. Company and FontanaArte brands of style, beyond time and fashion.

Special thanks to Berlucchi