FontanaArte on Stage

FontanaArte on Stage


FontanaArte, the Italian maison of decorative lighting, transforms the space of Corso Monforte into a theatre. On Stage. 

A new way of conceiving a store as a destination: a place where the different languages of the exclusive and quintessentially timeless collection are presented like a commedia dell’arte. The new scenographic machine combines the most recent pièces with the sacred texts of the great masters who honed their skills in the Milanese forge created by Gio Ponti in 1932. The icons observe the new actors from backstage, almost suggesting and unveiling the aura of lighting culture that is transmitted in contemporary codes. 

Architect Francesco Librizzi, Sicilian by birth and Milanese by adoption, the new Artistic Director at FontanaArte, has developed the idea of a ‘world of paper’ – a typical theatrical concept – applying it to the flagship store in Corso Monforte 13, which becomes a modular stage to be programmed with every act and scene change. Curtain.

‘Stage’ was born from the idea of scalability a space in constant progression, where the lamps of FontanaArte offer the audience ever changing performances, an identity/bridge towards that which will become a completely renovated store. 

FontanaArte interprets the concept of the home and domestic living in Italy and the world, with an architectural and design approach worthy of the early Modernist culture in the Italy of the 1930s, cradle of the unrivaled heritage of a brand renowned internationally for its quality and elegance.

The ‘fixed scene’ represented by the home is the interpretation of domestic lighting: intimate, effective, ethereal, empathetic. The division between the two spaces united by a lively play of mirrors provides a definitively private dimension. Whether it’s a room in a home or a hotel, the home-refuge separates us from the light pollution of the wild outdoors, offering the right balance of comfort and contemporaneity. 

The citations in the floors and ceilings have a noble source: Gio Ponti, who decreed the passage from the polychrome marbles of Pompeii to the innovative techniques of the ‘50s with marmoleum, and the colorful diamond pattern of perforated skies, clearly inspired by the theatre. Manifesto. 

In the first act, the new capsule collections take the stage: Equatore, by the Milanese brothers Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, along with Setareh, by the gentleman architect Francesco Librizzi.

Both ceiling models, gentle slits that are almost mirrored in the intensely colored floor: the Equatore lamps are displayed like a giant staircase. Planetarium. The Setareh lamps – ‘star’ in ancient Farsi – are actresses in a celestial scenography. Constellation.


FontanaArte Stage - The Culture of the Light in Corso Monforte 13, Milano