100 Lights for Milan_Milano 2015

100 Lights for Milan_Milano 2015

FontanaArte pays homage to Milan, the city of its origins and today the center of the world thanks to the universal exposition, with a brand new, exclusive table lamp: Milano 2015.

Designed by Carlo Colombo, it is made from Carrara statue marble; the finest and most valuable marble and all-time favorite with sculptors and artists for their creations. This lamp has a Led board that glows with magical light, enhancing the veins in the marble.

An in-built button controls the intensity of the light with an electronic dimmer. A satin-finish aluminum plaque, enameled and engraved with the name of the lamp, runs vertically inside the body and hides the red power cable.

Milano 2015 is a fabulously refined lamp, produced in a limited edition. Just 100 pieces are available worldwide, each one complete with a certificate of authenticity.

An article with a multitude of uses, designed for an elegant home or a professional office, agency or even a luxury hotel.

Milano 2015 is a product that reveals all its strength, weight and identity at first glance. It is in fact delivered with specially designed packaging: a wooden crate customized with a metal plaque that identifies the interior in an imaginative, impacting way.