Pinecone and the discreet charm of glass

Pinecone and the discreet charm of glass


The encounter between Fontana Arte and the eclectic creativity of Paola Navone has given rise to Pinecone, a family of objects of aristocratic elegance and charm. The result is a strong and assertive collection, generated by the rich cultural mix deployed by the designer.

Pinecone is a family of suspension and table lamps consisting of a blown glass diffuser, available in transparent and acid-etched white versions. The diffuser is produced with the ancient technique of caged blown glass, whereby the master craftsman blows the vitreous bubble inside a wire net that only partially contains its natural expansion. The blowing creates a large glass globe embedded within an elegant metal cage, an age-old Venetian tradition in which a technical trick becomes an elegant decoration.

Pinecone’s metal cage comes in two precious finishes, polished chrome and gold. These prized finishes mark the return to the origins of the company, which, founded in 1932 as the ‘artistic’ division of a glass manufacturer, reappropriates its image of design, materials and proportions.

With Pinecone, Fontana Arte returns to its original vocation, refining the techniques and updating the aesthetics, where the elegance of the glass combines with the functional rigor of halogen and LED light sources, which disappear among the reflections of the glass.

Both the table and suspension versions are provided with an E27 mount that can accommodate a halogen, fluorescent or LED source. The floor and cylindrical suspension models use only the LED option, providing a warm white light that gives the greatest possible emphasis to the glass lozenges.

Both versions of Pinecone take on symmetrical aesthetic connotations. The transparent version plays with light, reflecting and refracting it, multiplying it on the walls in fragments of varying shape. The white version instead captures the light, shrouding itself in suggestive shadows and a hundred subtle shades of white, like a Brancusi sculpture.

Pinecone is an ample and complete collection, from the table model (Ø 30x36 cm and Ø 50x52 cm ) to the imposing floor model (Ø 50x172cm), along with four suspension models (Ø 30x36 - Ø 23x74 - Ø 50x52 - Ø 28x120). Each has its own personality, where the light adapts to the form and transparency or opacity of the lamp body, the focal point of observation. In the transparent version, the light expands until losing consistency, leaving the contours undefined, while in the white version the luminous white mass gives the appearance of windblown fabric.

Pinecone is a visually striking lighting apparatus, with a strong aesthetic impact even when unlit. Both finishes lend the lamp a sculptural quality that makes it unique and iconic, an artful combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship. Pinecone is suited to any living space, from a minimalist loft to a Baroque hall, fitting perfectly into either.