Siptel: the union of form and function

Siptel: the union of form and function


Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, it is a family of elegantly understated lamps characterized by a lighting element that can be used by itself or paired with the lamp stand. 

The silhouette of Siptel embodies the simplicity of a right angle, which generates a perfect harmony between two perpendicular lines – one that provides illumination, the other fitted with an on/off switch. Taken together, Siptel comes across as a clean and minimal object that can be paired with any type of decor, whether traditional, modern or contemporary. 

Siptel is equipped with a magnetic system that makes it extremely versatile. Thanks to a simple hook mount, the lighting element can be anchored to the vertical post at any height, expanding or shrinking the cone of illumination on the surface below. The mobility of the lighting element – equipped with a 5-meter electrical cord - distinguishes Siptel from traditional lamps with a variable height feature, where the locking mechanism often consists of an obtrusive clamp or device that compromises the aesthetic integrity of the object as a whole.

Whenever the lighting element is repositioned, a double cleat system enables one to wrap any eventual excess cord, keeping it tight and orderly.  

Siptel comes in tablefloor and wall models.  

The table model is as simple as it is elegant. The calibration of the geometric lines ensures that it occupies the least possible space on the table or desktop, while the removable lighting element enables one to direct the light onto books and documents, facilitating vision-intensive desk work. 

The floor model, with its slender line, can function as a furnishing accessory in both the home and the office. It can be positioned in any part of the room without occupying excessive space. It is particularly useful next to a favorite reading chair, or by a bookshelf.  

The wall model comes in two versions: as a fixed applique or with an adjustable shaft of 63.5 cm. The latter is recommended for contexts where the regulation of light flow is especially important. And wall mounting is not only fast and easy, but saves space on the floor or desktop. 

Siptel is available in three refined and contemporary colors, perfectly suited to every type of decor. Black and white go well in any setting, whether traditional or modern, while the vermilion version lends warmth and dynamism to ultra-contemporary spaces. 

Siptel has an adjustable light emission range of 155 degrees with respect to the horizontal axis

The on/off switch is installed on the lighting element, facilitating operation when separated from the vertical support.  

Siptel is not just technology, functionality and beautiful design. It also responds to the demands of energy saving, ensuring low consumption thanks to the LED bulb. 

It consumes just 7 watts, with a luminous flux of 1000 Lm, especially ideal for reading.  

The power source ranges from 100 to 240V50/60Hz. The black plug is interchangeable, so it can be used in different markets (EU, UK, USA) without the need for adaptors. The black cord cleat comes with the lamp.