Max Ingrand designs the company’s iconic table lamp, also named Fontana, and still a winner today

In his design role, Max Ingrand puts his name to a number of true classics, like the Fontana table lamp, still a top seller for its namesake. The exquisite rounded lamp base, in white blown glass, tapers gently upwards to fit a truncated cone shade. This is the classic lamp and shade design, the quintessential table lamp that wrote a page of lighting history. If Fontana is a unique device, it is thanks to the multiple lighting options it offers. The base and the shade can house multiple light sources, while the largest version also provides indirect lighting, with a further source positioned above the shade to direct an upward beam. Split controls meet different lighting needs from the soft glow of a nightlight to strong reading light, and even mood lighting from the indirect emission. Fontana’s white silhouette is sketched with surface frosting for a hint of enduring style.

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