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90 years of Light and Art

FontanaArte Archive

Photographs, documents, projects, drawings, registers, miniatures of products and objects: the FontanaArte Archive is brought back to light through a work of recovery, cataloguing and valorization of the materials that, since 1932, have made this brand the protagonist of made-in-Italy design lighting in the world.

The archive as a place of discovery and research, collected in a tool that can be consulted simultaneously by several people around the world to cross-reference data, build paths and open up to the outside world. From FontanaArte's Caveau Digitale® comes an enhancement project that sees at its center precisely the world of Archives and that opens up to an ever-widening audience of insiders and enthusiasts.

Thanks to the mapping of the existing material, the cataloguing method and the creation of interconnected cards, the Caveau Digitale® of FontanaArte becomes a fundamental tool of consultation and inspiration for internal and external collaborators, designers and media: a journey through Gio Ponti's original drawings, the contract signed by Max Ingrand in 1953 and the colour miniatures created by Luigi Fontana.

The digitalization and enhancement process is carried out by FontanaArte together with Promemoria Group, Italy's leading company specialising in revitalising the historical heritage of iconic brands and companies, cultural institutions and private collections.

If you are a design researcher or scholar; exhibition, museum or auction house curator; design journalist or author, architect or architecture student, fill out the form to access FontanaArte's Caveau Digitale®.

FontananaArte Frame video "ARCHIVIO. The Secret Light". Focus on Materials in Archive.

ARCHIVE. The Secret Light

FontanaArte, Promemoria Group and Altopiano Studio present ARCHIVIO. The Secret Light, a format that aims to tell the story of archives through the voices of those who are constantly in search of the unseen: archivists, the true discoverers and interpreters of signs. In this teaser, light becomes the driver of the tale and Fontana by Max Ingrand, lamp - icon since 1954, is transformed into a gateway to the brand's archival treasures.

FontanaArte Frame ARCHIVIO. The Secret Light. Focus cataloging.

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