1881 - Luigi Fontana & C. is founded for crystal and glass processing

1906 - Luigi Fontana & C. exhibits at the International Fair of Milan

 1910 - Saint-Gobain acquires Luigi Fontana & C. 

1931 - Gio Ponti, new Art Director of Luigi Fontana

1932 - FontanaArte brand is born

1932 - The great icons of Italian design: Gio Ponti designs Bilia and the '1932' coffee table

1932 - The great icons of Italian design: vase Cartoccio and Fontana coffee table signed by Pietro Chiesa

1933 - Pietro Chiesa, new Art Director

1933 - Pietro Chiesa designs Luminator, the emblem of indirect emission floor lamps

1937 - Pietro Chiesa designs the first version of 006, a makeover of the classic suspension lamp

1954 - Max Ingrand, new Art Director

 1954 - Max Ingrand designs Fontana, the the most iconic of the abat-jour

1962 - Gae Aulenti and the combination of glass, light and nature of Giova

 1967 - Gio Ponti evokes the famous skyscraper of Milan with Pirellina and Pirellone

1972 - Uovo and Scintilla - Two icons are born

1979 - Saint-Gobain sells the company to a group of private entrepreneurs. FontanaArte is led by Carlo Guglielmi

1979 - Gae Aulenti, new Art Director

1980 - Gae Aulenti introduces a new design style: Tavolo con Ruote and Parola are born, the latter signed with Piero Castiglioni

1987 - Renzo Piano designs Teso, glass and steel resistance

1988 - Franco Raggi designs Velo, purity of glass

1992 - Nobi by Studio Metis: fusion of functionality and decorative design

1993 - Pierluigi Cerri marks the opening to new materials and production processes with the lamp Sara

1995 - New collaborations with prestigious names in international design

1997 - FontanaArte with Naska becomes a pioneer of task light lamps

1998 - FontanaArte wins Compasso d'Oro for creativity

1999 - From Franco Raggi the elegant semplicity of a Flute

2005 - Lighted projects

2010 - Nice acquires FontanaArte

2012 - Giorgio Biscaro, new Art Director

2012 - Sigeru Ban and the new Japanese minimalism of the lamp Yumi

2016 - ItalianCreationGroup acquires FontanaArte

2016 - Paola Navone designs Pinecone. Elegance, craftmanship, preciousness

2017 - LEDive: great icons, the stars - dive - of design, dress up the new light of LED

2017 - Oscar and Gabriele Buratti interpreting FontanaArte

2017 - Francesco Librizzi designs the family of lamps Setareh

2018 - Francesco Librizzi, new Art Director

2019 - Stefano Boeri Architetti designs Lasospesa table light

2019 - Bilia Mini: Gio Ponti's original project comes to light

2019 - Fontana 1853, new and original versions

2020 - A new collection to discover

2022 - Alicanto wins the Wallpaper * Design Award 2022

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