design by Studio OS ∆ OOS

Both table lamp and art object, Matrix is the result of the essential design of the duo Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, established designers of the latest generation and founders of the Eindhoven-based Studio OS ∆ OOS.

When referring to the term matrix, we generally think of a square matrix commonly used in mathematics, i.e. a combination of rows and columns. A third dimension is added by introducing a circle that surrounds the matrix like a ring. The design object becomes a lamp thanks to a light globe,positioned internally and centrally to the matrix, which emits a soft and diffused light in all directions.The grid structure plays with the simple and pure shape of the illuminated sphere. The components of Matrix create transparencies and cast unusual geometric shadows on the surrounding surfaces when viewed from different perspectives.

The Matrix project began as a system to allow for endless configurations. The base concept is derived from architectural constructions and solutions for multi-purpose situations, i.e. from the concept of form meeting function.

Made of glass and metal, the table lamp Matrix is available in two sizes – medium H.30cm and large H.60cm, both 30cm - in white and matt gold versions equipped with LED light source and dimmer to calibrate the desired light intensity.

Studio OS ∆ OOS

“For us the beauty of Matrix lays in the way the elongated grid captures the light as it passes through it, making the invisible visible. As this shell bends, the transparency through the fixture itself fades but the visible light grows; both dependent on each other but operating independently.”

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