FontanaArte at 999

999 – A collection of questions about contemporary living

FontanaArte is a featured participant in the exhibition 999. A collection of questions about contemporary living, at the Triennale di Milano, from 12 January to 2 April.

An exhibition conceived and curated by Stefano Mirti that examines contemporary living as a ‘possible world’, in a sort of digital logistic realized by way of a space composed of high scaffolding.

An installation that sets the stage for the primordial space of knowledge through the brutal efficiency of a warehouse, which, thanks to FontanaArte, takes on a domestic dimension. FontanaArte brings the knowledge and flavor of the home into the exhibition space with its decorative savoir-faire, alternating venerable icons with pieces from the latest collection.

A row of Fontana lamps, other timeless icon designed by Max Ingrand in 1954 and reissued in 2017 in a LED version, characterizes the entrance, an archetypal welcome that conveys the idea of home from both a functional and symbolic standpoint.

A repeated series of large suspended Setareh lamps, designed by Francesco Librizzi in 2017, illuminates and defines the central axis beyond the entrance, endowing the space with great personality. Other lighting elements from the FontanaArte collection soften and domesticate the large scaffolds that make up the installation, lending a sense of home to the whole.

FontanaArte, founded in Milan in 1932, is proud to inaugurate the first show of the year at the Triennale, the institute of architecture and design founded the following year when Gio Ponti and Pietro Chiesa designed Naska, which would become an archetype for offices, studios, labs and of course the home for the eight decades that have followed. Today, this same lamp is presented with an LED light source and, for the first time, a version in gold. Naska is but one of the icons of FontanaArte – like Bilia (Gio Ponti, 1932) and Metafora (Umbero Riva, 1980) – that enrich this exhibition. In addition to the aforementioned Setareh by Francesco Librizzi, architect, designer and co-curator of the show, visitors can admire other new products presented at Euroluce 2017, such as Galerie (Federico Peri), Optunia (Klaesson Koivisto Rune) and Kanji (Denis Guidone).

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