Photo Exhibition

Photographer Roselena Ramistella interpreted the light of FontanaArte

In partnership with Casa d'Aste Cambi, FontanaArte is in Via San Marco 26 with an installation realised by the brand's artistic director, architect Francesco Librizzi, with the graphic contribution of Pupilla Grafik.

Photographer Roselena Ramistella interpreted the light of FontanaArte by creating a photo exhibition curated by ZERO. Illuminating a city is never just a question of lumens. Rather, it is about skills and charm, in short: people. Who are the faces, the creative people, the artists of today and also the historical figures of the city? This is the question FontanaArte asked itself for its 90th anniversary. The answer is in the exhibition of portraits, in partnership with ZERO, by photographer Roselena Ramistella, with the aim of clarifying who are the lights that illuminate the city of design.

"FontanaArte, 90 Years of Light and Art is a photo exhibition that brings together, for the first time, the people who make concepts and stories shine like the blinding lights of summer.  Real light in the imagination allows us to change contours, to discover new shapes and to recognise forms to which we are accustomed. To feel human light, to discover, to change perception is the treasure of this journey with FontanaArte.”
Andrea Amichetti, Direttore di ZERO.




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