TUTTI designed by Matilde Cassani

The chandelier-installation designed by artist and designer Matilde Cassani for FontanaArte, tells a very topical story of contam- ination, of the union of similar yet opposite elements, of changing identities, of tastes and thoughts apparently opposed but belonging to the same individual; of peoples and cultures that mingle and become a single social nucleus, different in origin but united and for this reason extraordinary.

TUTTI is the triumph of opposites represented by a series of hanging silhouettes sym- bolising a world of contradictions and contrasts: religious drape together with football team badge; man and/or woman: gender fluidity; skirt and trousers; plastic bottle and fish, to name a few.

Matilde Cassani

I observe people who at any given moment find themselves sharing, even accidentally, the same space, the same underground, the same station. They all represent the diversity of individuals: religious orientations, sporting passions, cultural and gender inclinations. It is an ark that contains everything that man, at this moment, would carry into the future. Its elements are the ex-votos of today. They revolve around themselves, showing their opposite A chandelier of contradictions. A lamp that takes its colour from the domestic environment it is in.” Matilde Cassani


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