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Ferréol Babin, 2013
Lunaire is a wall and ceiling lamp with a surprising light effect, reminiscent of the phenomenon produced by eclipses. A smaller front disc containingthe light source is set inside a large concave aluminium diffuser.Two different effects are possible depending on how the small discis positioned with respect to the diffuser: back lighting when the front disc is closed, in other words pushed towards the wall, or from insidethe diffuser when the disc is pulled forward. Simply pulling or pushing the rod on the front of the disc immediately changes the lightingeffect to suit the mood. Thanks to the large diameter of the diffuser, Lunaire is the perfect lighting solution for big areas,they residential or contract.
Technical data PDF

Technical data


Wall/ceiling lamp with adjustable light by means of the closing cap placed on the reflector. Polyethylene rear body. Reflector covered in copper leaf and cap made of painted metal. Integrated led.

  • Product Name LUNAIRE
  • Material description polymer, multicolored metal
  • Color description sku copper, black
  • Group tension Bulb
  • Light source FL 1×max 55W 2Gx13 (4200 Lm)
  • SKU F424665360RNNU
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimmer Not - dimmable
  • Certifications Intertek Intertek
  • Awards Reddot-Award-2015-winner.png Reddot-Award-2015-winner.png ADI.png ADI.png
  • Installation instruction
  • Photometric curves
  • Model 2D
  • 3D
  • To download 2D, 3D, configurations and other technical material, create your account or log in. CLICK HERE

Ferréol Babin

A young French designer, born in 1987. He studied design in France and Japan. His main focus is on lighting engineering design and he is extremely interested in interaction between users and objects. Hi projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationale, teamed with a poetic, emotional aspect.


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