Icons revive with LeDive project

LeDive project pays tribute to the brand's icons through the technological evolution resulting from the advent of LED. This is how fixtures such as Gio Ponti's Bilia, Pietro Chiesa’s Luminator, Max Ingrand’s Fontana to name a few, all of them still extraordinarily contemporary with regard to their form, design and materials, now shine with new Led light, thus becoming even more contemporary. A revisitation not only of the technology, but in some cases of the aesthetics as well: Bilia now comes with a brass cone, Luminator comes in the original colors from 1933, metallic blue and white, and Giova has a new gray cap with a gold base. A special mention goes to Metafora, the table lamp that architect Umberto Riva designed for FontanaArte at the height of the creative explosion of the early ‘80s, when Gae Aulenti became artistic director and wanted to set up a creative laboratory where established masters and young talents could freely reinterpret the company’s timeless values. Bilia, Fontana, Giova, Luminator, Naska, Nobi, Uovo, Metafora are the ageless Italian stars of international lighting design, the glamorous and immortal divas ( LEDive ) of the last century and the new millennium.

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