Tropico e Meridiano

"THE BRIGHT PLANET" - Gabriele e Oscar Buratti per FontanaArte

The "shape of light" is the central theme of this project by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, which began with the Equatore family of lamps, presented in 2017 and now expanded to include other finishes, and continues with the new Meridiano and Tropico. Forms of glass and metal that collect, contain and diffuse light in space. Passing between opaline, coloured and transparent layers, emphasised by the refined curves and the magic of blown glass, the light is free to create surprising and fascinating effects, patterns and moods.


The purest and most iconic shape in a luxurious object. Glass and marble as in the distinctive and sophisticated world of FontanaArte.


Meridiano is synonimous of Noon, the maximum light power of the sun from sunrise to sunshine. An elegant lamp with a marvelous shape made by the masters of glass to combine an inner cylindric source embraced by a regular glass bubble. Stylish everywhere.

Oscar and Gabriele Buratti


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